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Thursday, 11 June 2009

BK 006 '10 Smart Moves' for Women who want to Succeed in Love & Life - Dianna Booher

BK 006 10 Smart Moves for Women who want to Succeed in love & life - Dianna Booher

At last! a proven guide to success and satisafction - for women only !
Dianna Booher, best selling author, nationally known speaker and award winning consultant, reveals 10 powerful principles that will help you excel in the modern workplace and in personal relationship. She'll give proven steps to :
- Develop your own unique dreams and goals
- Earn self respect through outstanding accomplishments
- Make decisions from both your head and your heart
- Stay open to feedback that helps you reach your goals , many more

Isn't it time you made some smart moves toward making the most of your career and your relationships ? Ten Smart Moves for Women who want to succeed in Love and Life is the essential, practical, real life guide you've been waiting for !
Condition : Used but still in good condition; tiny marks at page edges only (as shown in photo)
Book type : Paperbag with clear white pages
Publisher : Advantage Quest Publications, 199 pages, copyright 2003
Market price : RM14.90 ( Value Buy )

OFFER : RM7.00